NWEA’s MAP Testing Season

In the next two weeks, students will take MAP Tests (Measures of Academic Progress Growth™), created by the international research organization, NWEA, to measure student academic instructional level and growth over time:

  • Math: Thurs., Sept. 26

  • Reading: Fri., Oct. 4

Given twice a year–in the Fall and Spring–the results of these formative assessments encourage teachers to focus on a student’s strengths and/or learning opportunities. Teachers use MAP Growth results individually, in small groups, and in whole groups to guide instruction. In addition, MAP test results are also utilized as part of the gifted identification, IB screening, and specialty center selection process.

NWEA is a research-based, nonprofit that supports students and educators worldwide with K-12 assessment solutions that precisely measure student growth and proficiency, and provide insights to help teachers tailor instruction.

Read the details: Fall 2019 NWEA Parent Letter.pdf