Principal's Message

"Every Journey Has a Great Story" LOGOWelcome to Tuckahoe Middle School. This year, we have a construction-based theme, as we will be starting our 28-million-dollar renovation. Our theme is, “Building a better tomorrow, today!”, where we will focus on making each day better than the last. Our Patriots will discover that Tuckahoe Middle School is a wonderful place to build relationships, build our knowledge, and build our confidence as we work hard each day.

Tuckahoe Middle School is steeped in tradition, as its doors were first opened in 1959. We strive to ensure our students have an optimal middle school experience. In doing so, we will focus on three important needs: academic, social, and emotional.

Academically, we will work hard to create engaging lessons that spark interest while making learning relevant. We strive to motivate our students to do their best, foster their learning through utilizing 21st century skills, and recognize their hard work and efforts throughout the year.

To meet their social needs, we will create lessons that foster collaboration, provide times for academic and sports-inspired pride rallies, and identify ways to allow our students to interact with their peers.

With a caring staff that helps foster a sense of belonging, we will meet the emotional needs of our students as we continue to ramp up school spirit, design ways to instill kindness and care for others, and recognize the talents in others and ourselves.

Middle school is an exciting time for adolescents as so many experiences are new to them. They have left their familiar elementary school with its one to two teachers to join middle school where they will have eight or nine different teachers with whom they will work. While at times middle school can be challenging, creating an environment that is accepting and caring will allow our students to create, build, construct and explore their world as they grow into mature adults.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to stop by, call, or email me should you have any ideas for making Tuckahoe the best middle school it can be!

Ann Greene