Faculty & Staff

The staff of Tuckahoe consists of certified, qualified, and caring professionals, whose aim it is to provide the finest educational opportunity for every student. Staff members work with the home to support student efforts to do their very best, and to ensure quality instruction for all.

The principal, an associate principal, two assistant principals, and three administrative aides serve as an administrative team. Tuckahoe has three student services counselors, two full-time librarians, and various resource and auxiliary personnel.

The instructional faculty is organized by departments. Through this approach Tuckahoe strives to meet individual student needs and to provide a quality learning community.

Please note the following:

  1. If the HCPS server goes “down," teachers cannot update their webpages, so students should always refer to their agenda book and/or call their “study buddies."  Teachers’ homework pages are available at tinyurl.com/TMSHomework.
  2. To search for a faculty/staff member’s email address, click here and search under Tuckahoe Middle School.

Ann Greene, Principal
Meredith Parker, Associate Principal (6th Grade)
Derrick Deloatch, Assistant Principal (8th Grade)
Katherine Moorman, Assistant Principal (7th Grade)

Counseling Team
Brewster Brown, Counseling Director & Counselor, 7th Grade
Townsend Duane, Counselor, 8th Grade
Angela Perini, Counselor, 6th Grade
Brenda Carter, Registrar

Office Staff
Emily Dickerson, Principal's Secretary
Sharon Parrish, Financial Secretary/Book-Keeper
Becky Moore, Attendance Secretary
Calypso Gilstrap, Librarian
Margaret Marquis, Librarian
Marie Wilcox, Math & IB Coordinator
Amanda Kinsler, IT Resource Teacher
Marvin Edison, Technology Support Specialist
Rebecca Taylor, Nurse
Emily James, Social Worker
Stephanie Moore, CAR
Stephen McLane, ALC
Officer Medina, Security Resource Officer
Shaun Bryant, Security

Kevin Hollister
Cole Dutton
Molly Hayes

Kevin Hollister

Malesa Mayhall (Dept. Chair)
Lynda Sharpe
Christina Sulzer
Mary Claire Williams

Flynn Wyche

Zeljka Cikic

Foreign Languages
Jessica Healy, French
Morgan Daniel, Spanish
Erica Schroeder, Spanish (Dept. Chair)
Kim Sutkus, Spanish

Jennifer Bower
Kayleigh Deihr
Casey Jones (Dept. Chair)
April Junta
Meghan Lamb
Kim Norman
Brian Walter
Kelsie Wilt

Pam Randolph (Part-Time)

Donna Forester
Angela Foss (Dept. Chair)
Brice Fritts
Christine Hopkins
David Marshall
Debra Nicholas
Lindsey Voltz
Becca Williams

Social Studies
Erienne Bryant
Gray Burnette
Jonathan Gregory
Ashley Kelly
Kirstain McArdle
Abran Shaffer
Kelly Wolfgang (Dept. Chair)
William Zacharias

Career & Technical Education (CTE)
Christine Bates, Family & Consumer Services
Anne-Merle Bryant, Business & Information Technology
Harry Rosmarin, Technology
Michael White, Technology

Health & Physical Education
Corey Burton
Tommy Mallory
Cassandra Ridge
Jim Thompson
Len Weiss (Dept. Chair)

Karen Wright (Part-Time)

Art, Music & Drama
Liz Brower, Art
Kirkland Jackson, Band
Jennifer Johnson, Strings
Michelle Tuck, Chorus (Dept. Chair)
Alison McNew, Art
Derek Phipps, Drama

Gifted Education
Lauren Matthews

Exceptional Education
Catherine Chafin, Sp. Ed., Reading
Earl Estes, Sp. Ed., AIS
William French, Sp. Ed., Math
Kimberly Gilley, Sp. Ed., Math
Marsha Grahek, Sp. Ed., English
John Jeter, Sp. Ed., English
Anna McFarlane, Sp. Ed., English
Deanna Mays, Sp. Ed., Math
Victoria Mullis, Sp. Ed., ID (Dept. Chair)
Donna Bailey, Ex. Ed. Aide
Barbara Boyle, Ex. Ed. Aide
Morgan Brickley, Ex. Ed. Aide
Jean Hughes, Ex. Ed. Aide
Nancy McGuigan, Ex. Ed. Aide
Kirsten Schaefer, Instructional Asst.
Holly Tudor, Instructional Asst.

Custodial & Maintenance
Henriette  Apanga
Brigitte Baklava
Helene Bampongo
Gorge Barsoom
Robert Eggleston (Maintenance Supervisor)
Jackson Greve
Erik Johnson
Ragy Saleh
Phillip Taylor

Debra Smith (Cafe Manager)